The Marketing Whisperer Episode 18: The Financial Advisor Revolution

Jay Hummel, author of “The Essential Advisor” talk about the impact of technology on Financial Advisors. Will robots replace your Financial Advisor? How do today’s advisors build value in the Investor-Advisor relationship? And the 5 key areas where you should be getting a return on advice.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 17: The Challenge of Reinventing Your Association or Rotary Club

Dana Crosby is the President of the Indian Wells (California) Rotary Club and Principal of SC Capital Advisors. We talk about why it’s so important to reinvent yourself to stay relevant; especially to your new and younger members.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 16: Tony Robbins and Bill Carmody Talk World Class Marketing

Tony Robbins sits down with Bill Carmody to talk about the three most powerful ways to grow any business as identified by Jay Abraham. Hear how Tony Robbins has put this sage advice to work for his own business and how you can too!

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 15: Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru Inc Article Interview

Bill Carmody interviews Tony Robbins and Joe Berlinger for their upcoming film “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru” which launches on Netflix this Friday, July 15th. See why you should watch this movie.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 14: The ROI of Inflencer Marketing with John Ale

John Ale is an investor in Tap Influence and talks about why Influencer Marketing will soon be replacing banner ad budgets, programmatic media and other forms of impression-based advertising that does not deliver measurable ROI for its advertisers.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 13: Drew Neisser — Author of CMO’s Periodic Table

As the founder and CEO of Renegade, Drew Neisser could have easily written a book about his own experiences in Marketing. Instead, he chose to interview 64 top CMOs with heavy hitters such as Beth Comstock (GE), Jon Miller (Marketo) and John Yembrick (NASA). In this interview, we explore some key insights from the book as well as how Drew Neisser connected with these marketing experts.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 12: Pete the Planner on Making You a Millionaire

PodcastCoverv1Peter Dunn, a.k.a. “Pete the Planner” writes for USA Today and is regularly featured on CNN Headline News, Fox News, Fox Business and several syndicated radio shows. Pete began his career as a comedian and then decided his mission in life is to make you a millionaire. Here’s his story and advice to help you stop doing the things that are preventing you from the financial success you deserve.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 11: Kevin Cochrane, CMO of Jahia

PodcastCoverv1Former VP of Enterprise Marketing at Adobe and current CMO of Jahia talks about the three waves of digital marketing and why your business needs Customized Digital Experiences at Scale.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 10: Mark Jaffe, Former Executive of The Walt Disney Company

PodcastCoverv1Mark Jaffe, author of “Suitcase of Happyness”, talks about his roadmap to help you achieve and enjoy your happiest life — even when faced with difficult situations such as divorce and job loss.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 9: Matt Manero Generates Over $1 Billion in Revenue with 10,000 Clients

PodcastCoverv1Founded in 1995, Commercial Fleet Financing along with 3 other companies Matt Manero started have generated over $1 Billion in Revenue. Now he’s building toward 10X growth. So much to learn from Matt Manero’s entrepreneurial adventures in this interview.