The Marketing Whisperer Episode 8: Michael Docherty Collective Disruption

PodcastCoverv1Bill Carmody interviews Michael Docherty for his new book, Collective Disruption.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 7: Mona Patel, CEO of Motivate Design and #1 Amazon Bestseller of “Reframe”

PodcastCoverv1Need a breakthrough? In this interview, Mona Patel shares her incredible insights on why most people get stuck in the first place and her proven strategies on what you need to do to become unstuck. By shifting the way you work, innovate and think, you will accomplish the outcomes you desire.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 6: The Onion’s CCO, Rick Hamann, on the Growth of Content Marketing

PodcastCoverv1Rick Hamman is the Chief Creative Officer of The Onion. Hear his take on why Native Advertising and Content Marketing continues to grow at a rapid clip and what advertising agencies need to do in order to support the changing needs of their clients.

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 5: The 4 Rules of Content That Drives Commerce

PodcastCoverv1I want you to stop wasting your money on content that doesn’t sell. There are 4 rules of content that drive commerce. In this episode I break down each of these rules and how to apply them to your business. If your content isn’t filling a void for your ideal customer, you’re wasting your time building that content and you’re wasting your money promoting that content. Learn how to turn this around and deliver the kind of content your ideal customer cares about and will encourage them to buy from you. 

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 4: Leveraging Influencer Marketing to Drive Your Business

PodcastCoverv1Now is the time to leverage Influencer Marketing to drive your business. According to DoubleClick, the average click through rate on banner ads are an all-time low of 0.04%, while Harris Interactive reports that 90% of Americans ignore digital ads entirely. Throw on the rising trend of ad blocking as well as ad fraud and it’s time to pivot out of banner ads and into something much more effective — as much as 11 times more effective according to a recent Nielsen Catalina Solutions study. In this podcast, we explore what it means to leverage Influencer Marketing for your business. 

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 3: Why You MUST Become a Major Influencer


In today’s market, being an influencer is a prerequisite for your success. It’s arguably the most important thing you can do. Without being an influencer, you will struggle to build your brand and the brand of your business. But, by being your most authentic self, you will stand out and attract the kinds of people you want to work with — both customers and employees. Being an influencer today is about allowing your voice to be heard as well as listening and responding to the people you care the most about. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and become the influencer you were born to be. 

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 2: Thriving Despite a Major Blunder


When you’re out in front, you’re going to make mistakes — sometimes really big ones. This is the story of a landmark digital marketing case that went horribly wrong. And yet, despite making a big mistake, it’s what you do in the moment when you realize you have a problem. In that vulnerable moment, you must step up and own the problem. This will define you and your career. You will make mistakes; it’s inevitable. But when you own the problem, you will not only survive, but thrive in the face of an incredible challenge. 

The Marketing Whisperer Episode 1: Tell Your Story: Make Your Customers Care

PodcastCoverv1Your founders story matters. Your customers care about why you went into business — just as long as it’s about making their life better in some meaningful way. No one cares if your business succeeds unless you make them care about a mission and purpose greater than yourself. Bill Carmody, the Marketing Whisperer, shares his founders story and what you can learn from it.